I am Mavis Nompumelelo Nsibande. I come from Swaziland. I am presently enrolled in The Master of Education course at Victoria University, Melbourne. I have already done three units and in the second semester of 2012 I have enrolled in two units. These are AED5023 and AED5030.

My prior qualifications are BSc majoring in mathematics and chemistry from the University of Swaziland (UNISWA) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, also from UNISWA. Presently I am on study leave from work. I work in the Ministry of Education and Training, Swaziland, as an Inspector of Schools in mathematics at secondary level. I have been doing this for the past five years. Before that, I taught mathematics and  chemistry to high school students in my country; I have also been a lecturer in a teacher training college for secondary school teachers graduating with a Secondary Teacher’s Diploma.

As part of my work I do a lot of presentations in workshops and meetings and this is where I have been exposed to the use of the computer. I have also along the way done literacy courses, but mostly I have learnt using the computer on the run.

My reasons/goals for taking the E-learning course have to do with the very low number of mathematics teachers in Swaziland. The teachers are always overloaded with work and this reduces their effectiveness. I hope this course will allow me to initiate dissemination of mathematics lessons through the internet, thereby allowing students and teachers unlimited access where ever they are and when ever they want to.


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